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Patti Scalise

Patti Scalise Owner, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Now Accepting New Clients!

I want to be fit. I want to be comfortable in my own body. Those things drive me to want to help those around me feel the same. 

I have a Biology and Health Science degree with a certification to teach. But, instead of going on to instruct in a clasroom, I went into a retail sales career where I learned a few things, and educated consumers and employees. It was here where I decided I could get certified to help people get fit, because that it what I love. Sounds crazy: getting a degree, getting a job in retail, and 15-20 years later deciding to become a personal fitness trainer! All of those years in retail sales and management paid off, because now I am the owner of Geneva Fit Club. I build relationships with the members and my clients.  That is key! I am here for the people. I love helping them get started with their fitness journey, setting goals and reaching milestones. We are a family run Club, where the community is our family!


Nick Loper

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Now Accepting New Clients!

     I am originally from Long Island but have been living in Geneva for almost a year.  I am excited to be a part of the Geneva Fit Club and to help its members develop and achieve all of their fitness goals.  Fitness has always been a passion of mine, but my time in college is when it really became a part of my daily routine.  Going to the gym began as a way for me and my friends to get together after class.  We were also able to channel our energy into a positive outlet, helping us to stay focused which is one of my favorite benefits of exercising.  Working out with other people encouraged some friendly competition between the group and drove us to work harder to reach our goals.  Watching my friends, and motivating them to push their limits is what inspired me to want to help others on their fitness journey.  This is not just a career for me, I am excited to share my knowledge and to help pave the way towards a healthier lifestyle.  

Nutritional Counseling available by appointment

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